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Washington Wine Grapes

About Washington Wine

With almost two centuries to perfect the art of winemaking, Washington has become the second largest wine-producing state in the US. Washington’s start in the wine business can be dated all the way back to 1825, when the first grapes were planted. Washington shares the same latitude as some of the top European wine regions, allowing for up to 17 hours of sunlight per day during the growing season. This, combined with the state’s climate and soil, creates the ideal conditions for fruit bearing. Thanks to these conditions, Washington has seen a steady growth of its wine industry and now boasts more than 60,000 acres of land that produce over 80 varieties of grapes. Over the years, many Washington wineries have been nationally recognized for producing top ranked wines, and premium wines continue to be produced in the 1,050 licensed wineries throughout the state.

Washington Wine Grapes


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